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Chair Yoga

In this series of 60 minute classes, most asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing practices) will be done sitting on a chair. Some will be done standing, using the chair as a prop.

Who will benefit from this series of classes?

- Those who find it difficult to get down or up off the floor - Those who spend a lot of time sitting and are interested in learning ways to stretch and de-stress on their own while spending time in a chair.

- Teachers interested in learning ways to help their students who struggle with poses in which a chair would be useful

- Anyone who is curious about chair yoga!

Teachers - each series of classes will count as 4 contact hours.

Thursdays 4 pm


$50 per person per 4 week session

$15 drop in

Minimum of 6 people registered for the full 4 weeks for each course to take place.