Yoga Hohm
Yoga & Massage in Downtown Delavan, WI

About Yoga Hohm

Yoga Hohm is dedicated to the study and application of authentic yoga and Ayurveda, including massage, in Delavan, WI.

History & Mission

Yoga Hohm opened in 2015 in downtown Delavan, Wisconsin. Our mission is to bring practical study and application of authentic yoga and Ayurveda, including massage, to the community of Delavan and all of its surrounding cities. In 2018, we moved to a newly renovated location just two blocks east of our original spot. Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour teacher training and advanced studies program began in 2017 and we are now almost finished with our second session.

Here to Help

We offer several ways to find a practice that works for you. Group classes are offered 7 days a week, morning, noon and evening. We also offer private lessons to help you feel more comfortable in a class or develop a home practice. And Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour Teacher Training and Advanced Studies program will give students tools to progress their practice in and off the mat.

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Renee Downing, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Director of Operations

Renee is registered at the E-RYT 500 level with the Yoga Alliance, is a YACEP teacher, hosts teacher trainings, and has over 4,800 hours of experience teaching yoga.

I was born and raised in Delavan, but moved to Southern California in 1998 to pursue a career in art. Having dealt with chronic pain and mental illness since age 12, I knew from the advice of doctors that managing my overall health would be crucial to living a fulfilling life. However, I had to sow quite a few wild oats before I was ready to face such a reality.

My career in the health and fitness world started in 2002 when I became a personal trainer certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Throughout the years I have worked with people with multiple special conditions (including broken bones, limb amputations, joint replacements, COPD, nervous system disorders, weight loss, vertigo, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, ADD/ADHD, post-hysterectomy, pre and post natal, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer, mental illness, ankylosing spondylitis, lapband and gastric bypass post-op, lupus, diverticulitis, alcoholism/addiciton recovery, and on and on and on…) and developed a strong working knowledge of injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Working in a gym was fulfilling for a while, but the more I experienced the trials and tribulations of life, the more I started craving something beyond physical health. I wanted emotional and spiritual health as well.

I started practicing yoga in 2009 but I didn't take it seriously until 2011 when I found Yoga Shakti in Huntington Beach. Almost every time I walked through the doors of the studio I felt a sense of peace and joy. I felt like I had found what was missing in my holistic health management. I enrolled in Yoga Shakti’s hour teacher training program with Diana Pipaloff and Jnana Nanda Bharati and spent 2 and a half years completing 500 hours of teacher training.

Throughout my training, the connection of mind, body and spirit, experiences of death and birth, and just plain growing up led to a desire to be back with family and to bring what I have found so uplifting and healing to the people in my hometown. Yoga Shakti was more than just a yoga studio. It was a community of students and teachers striving to be better people, treating each other, the environment and all creatures with respect and love, and working to create greater awareness all around. I really wanted to recreate that in Delavan.

The training I received at Yoga Shakti was intense. My ego and my Self was completely disassembled and rebuilt on a stronger and more compassionate foundation. That may sound like fluff to some people but for me, yoga is a lifestyle. I feel calmer, stronger, more confident and clear minded than I ever have before because of what yoga has taught me. It is so powerful that I have to share this experience with as many people as possible.

My vision for Yoga Hohm is a place where people can walk through the door and let go of the chaos of life. My team and I work to create a space to allow for quiet stillness in body and mind, as well as a space for education and healing.


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Vannessa Neubauer, RYT 200

I began my yoga journey about 20 years ago when I began attending weekly classes at a local gym, just to get an hour to myself. I was a mother to 2 elementary aged children and was feeling, well, less than flexible. I loved the classes but, life and kids moved up the priority list and my practice fell to the side. About 10 years ago, I started practicing again with videos but felt that I was “terrible at it” and was lacking something. So, I pushed it to the side again.

My husband and I have a health and wellness business, focusing on nutrition and overall health. That includes movement, strength, and time to de-stress.  I am always looking for ways to help our clients. Last year, I saw a post on Facebook about the teacher training program at Yoga Hohm. I decided to get more information and thought it might be a good fit. I tried a few classes and found what I was missing; modifications for my less than flexible body and the permission to not have to do every pose perfectly, just safely. That 75-90 min allows me to stop, be present, shut off my brain and focus on connecting my breath, body and movements.

Outside of running our business and working at Yoga Hohm, I enjoy baking and “kitchen therapy”, reading and learning more ways to stay healthy and heal our bodies as naturally as possible.

Vannessa graduated Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2019.


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Jennifer Yunker, RYT 200

I took my first yoga class in college and since then I had been doing yoga on and off for 6 years, not ready to make the commitment until recently. Now I practice 4-5 times a week. 

When I first sought out a yoga class I was looking for something to help focus my mind and body, and that is exactly what it did for me. It brings me mental clarity, strength and flexibility.  I have discovered that my experience is different with every practice, and that is what I love about it. 

After finding Yoga Hohm, yoga hasn’t only been about the practice, it’s also been about the community. Creating relationships with other students and instructors has been such a rewarding experience. What I love most is seeing the progression and excitement, when a realization is made. This is why I want to be a teacher. I want to help others find their motivation and journey in their own practice. 

When not doing yoga I am a woman with many passions; I am a beekeeper, a caregiver, an intern at a nature conservancy, a ceramicist and have a love for plants and gardening. Warning: I can get excited when talking about bees.

Jennifer graduated Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2019.


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Paul Gregory

I came to meditation through yoga (thank you, Yoga Hohm). Beyond its physical benefits, I was drawn to yoga’s emphasis on one’s breath and the stillness it creates in the mind.

Meditation helps me control my thoughts. Ultimately, we can’t stop each thought that comes into our mind; we can, however, control the flow and way we react to them.

The benefits of meditation don’t stop when you get "off the chair".

My practice has brought an increased awareness of my tendency to waste time over-analyzing future endeavors and/or past behaviors. My practice has taught me that the only thing I can control is the present. Just as important, I have lower back problems and find meditation to be an excellent way to reduce physical pain.

I am certified by The American Institute of Health Care Professionals to teach meditation. My goal is to become certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), which is a program designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

My style of instructing is casual and down-to-earth. I use mantras and pranayama, concentration, silent, body scan, and lovingkindness meditations, as well as meditations addressing pain and anxiety.

Currently I teach the Path of Freedom (POF) curriculum to inmates at Rock Valley Community Programs (RVCP) in Janesville. POF is a 12-week class that combines emotional intelligence and mindfulness meditation. I am employed as an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and teach sociology and criminology.



Cindy Conlon, RYT 200

I believe that my path to yoga is quite typical. I was a dancer and athlete, and felt that yoga might be a good addition to my fitness program. I knew nothing about yoga, but was encouraged by a friend to give it a try.

I left my first yoga class feeling taller, calmer, and more vibrant, and curious about learning more about this ancient practice. I discovered that yoga is much more than a fitness regimen, and I began to incorporate its many lessons into all areas of my life. My goal now is to share these benefits with others, hoping that everyone can experience a deeper sense of wellbeing and joy in their daily lives.

I completed level 2 teacher training at Yogaview in Chicago, Illinois, and studied yoga and meditation in Pune, India. I am also certified through the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California (200-hour RYT).

I have over twenty years of experience teaching adults in both university and community settings. I have a Ph.D. in education from Northwestern University and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. I am also certified to teach Pilates (800-hour training through True Pilates in New York City).


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Sylvia Scott, RYT 200

I took my first yoga class about 20 years ago while living in Illinois and I loved it. Since then I moved to Wisconsin and tried several “trendy” and not so trendy workouts. I became bored with the treadmill and traditional gym workout classes. I even became certified to teach Zumba and Pole Fitness classes, and did for over 5 years.  At one point I had to step away from teaching, and a few years later I found myself missing not only the excitement and camaraderie of attending classes, but also teaching! I love to see students blossom and exceed their own expectations. 

Over the past couple of years, I have taken a few yoga classes here and there in the area and last year found Yoga Hohm. Oh, what I had been missing! I have really found a home at Yoga Hohm and I have learned not only the proper way to hold a pose but also to modify a pose so that it is safe for my body. Yoga is a personal practice for all fitness levels to enjoy and I hope to share my experience with you. Come visit soon – you won’t be disappointed!

Sylvia graduated Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2019.