Yoga Hohm
Yoga & Massage in Downtown Delavan, WI

Yoga & Massage in Downtown Delavan

New Student Specials: 2 Weeks $40 or One Month $80

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Upholding Tradition

Yoga Hohm is a traditional yoga studio. We offer a wide variety of yoga classes set to specific levels of intensity, private yoga lessons, yoga teacher training, massage, Ayurvedic consultations and a boutique with clothing, yoga props and accessories, handmade jewelry and Ayurvedic products. We are located in downtown Delavan, next door to the post office.


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New Student Specials

2 Weeks $40
or One Month $80

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“As an over 60’s woman with many ailments I found the gentle class wonderful. The staff was welcoming and very enthusiastic. They never pushed me to do more than I was comfortable with. I will definitely continue to learn the advantages of Yoga thru Yoga Hohm. “ - Catherine G.

“I’ve been coming to Yoga Hohm for about 9 months and I’ve had very positive results from the classes. Renee is an awesome teacher and is very good at what she does and teaching classes that are beneficial to ones own practice. I would totally recommend Yoga Hohm to anyone looking to practice or start yoga.” - Peter N.

“Thank you for a warm welcome! You made it so easy to show up for my first class and ease my worries. Renee was great, and she gave me a big hug - thank you! I'll be back soon. “ - Kate C.

“Yoga! First time trying it and I love it! Rene is great, makes you feel welcome and comfortable 100% recommend for beginners. “ Stacey H.

“Very welcoming to an overweight, understretched, bearded 34 year old male. Seriously can you get any better in terms of encouragement, assistance, and commitment to the health and well being of students? The answer is No. Renee, all the staff, and the students make this a special place. Go here! Did I mention Go here?” - Scott C.

“I always feel so refreshed and calm after Yoga Hohm, great/comfortable place to go for individals at all skills levels!” - Lydia N.

“I've been going to Yoga Holm since October 2018 and love it so much that I try to make it at least 4 times per week. After being sedentary for a long time, I'm starting to gain some balance and muscle tone. Everyone is very friendly and the instructors are awesome.” - Renee B.

“Renee' s class was great this morning! I feel the tension gone from my shoulders and neck. Class gave me a great fresh start to my day. Thank you!” - Terri W.

“Renee was my personal trainer for 11 years!! Every week a minimum of 2 workouts. She kept me going thru all my ailments and physical deficiencies and enabled me to summit mountains all over the world “ - Gary M.

“Renee is highly skilled, yet humble. Her classes are fun and meaningful. She gives the best class ever!” - Caroline C.

“Beautiful space. Beautiful teacher and I loved every minute.” - Courtney B.