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Yoga & Massage in Downtown Delavan, WI

About Yoga Hohm

Yoga Hohm is dedicated to the study and application of authentic yoga and Ayurveda, including massage, in Delavan, WI.

History & Mission

Yoga Hohm opened in 2015 in downtown Delavan, Wisconsin. Our mission is to bring practical study and application of authentic yoga and Ayurveda, including massage, to the community of Delavan and all of its surrounding cities. In 2018, we moved to a newly renovated location just two blocks east of our original spot. Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour teacher training and advanced studies program began in 2017 and we are now almost finished with our second session.

Here to Help

We offer several ways to find a practice that works for you. Group classes are offered 7 days a week, morning, noon and evening. We also offer private lessons to help you feel more comfortable in a class or develop a home practice. And Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour Teacher Training and Advanced Studies program will give students tools to progress their practice in and off the mat.

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Renee Downing, E-RYT 500, YACEP

I was born and raised in Delavan, but moved to Southern California in 1998 to pursue a career in art. Having dealt with chronic pain and mental illness since age 12, I knew from the advice of doctors that managing my overall health would be crucial to living a fulfilling life. However, I had to sow quite a few wild oats before I was ready to face such a reality.

My career in the health and fitness world started in 2002 when I became certified as a personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Working in a gym was fulfilling for quite some time but the more I experienced the trials and tribulations of life, the more I started craving something beyond physical health. I wanted emotional and spiritual health as well.

I started practicing yoga in 2009 but I didn't take it seriously until 2011 when I found Yoga Shakti in Huntington Beach. Almost every time I walked through the doors of the studio I felt a sense of peace and joy. I felt like I had found what was missing in my holistic health management. I enrolled in Yoga Shakti’s 200 hour teacher training program with Diana Pipaloff and Jnana Nanda Bharati and completed my 200 hour RYS in May of 2013. I was so addicted to the changes that were occurring in me both as a teacher and as a student that I began Yoga Shakti’s 300 hour training a few months later, completing 500 hours of teacher training in December 2014.

Throughout my training, the connection of mind, body and spirit, experiences of death and birth, and just plain growing up led to a desire to be back with family and to bring what I have found so uplifting and healing to the people in my hometown. My home studio was more than just a yoga studio. It was a community of students and teachers striving to be better people, treating each other, the environment and all creatures with respect and love, and working to create greater awareness all around and I really wanted to recreate that in Delavan.

The training I received at Yoga Shakti was intense. My ego and my Self was completely disassembled and rebuilt on a stronger and more compassionate foundation. That may sound like fluff to some people but for me, yoga is a lifestyle. I feel calmer, stronger, more confident and clear minded than I ever have before because of what yoga has taught me. It is so powerful that I have to share this experience with as many people as possible.



Cindy Conlon, RYT 200

I believe that my path to yoga is quite typical. I was a dancer and athlete, and felt that yoga might be a good addition to my fitness program. I knew nothing about yoga, but was encouraged by a friend to give it a try.

I left my first yoga class feeling taller, calmer, and more vibrant, and curious about learning more about this ancient practice. I discovered that yoga is much more than a fitness regimen, and I began to incorporate its many lessons into all areas of my life. My goal now is to share these benefits with others, hoping that everyone can experience a deeper sense of wellbeing and joy in their daily lives.

I completed level 2 teacher training at Yogaview in Chicago, Illinois, and studied yoga and meditation in Pune, India. I am also certified through the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California (200-hour RYT).

I have over twenty years of experience teaching adults in both university and community settings. I have a Ph.D. in education from Northwestern University and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. I am also certified to teach Pilates (800-hour training through True Pilates in New York City).



Kelly Jensen, RYT 200

Yoga came into my life a few years ago after struggling to lose weight with every fitness regimen I tried. Years of hard work left me frustrated and ready to give up on taking care of myself because it felt hopeless. But then, I put my mat down on the floor. When I tuned out the world for 75 minutes of movement, I found real compassion for myself and what my body was able to do.

Living with polycystic ovarian syndrome and the twin challenges of depression and anxiety meant that both my body and my mind were at war inside me. But when I let myself enjoy movement through yoga, I began to discover that my body and my mind weren’t problems to solve. They were tools to learn from and to appreciate for what they are and what they can do.

Yoga has given me the gift of caring for myself and respecting my own limits and boundaries. It’s allowed me to focus on myself and my needs in a way nothing else ever has. It’s also gifted me with energy and passion in my life outside of my full-time day job working at home for an online book website.

My 200-hour training was done right at Yoga Hohm, where I developed a teaching style best described as strong, yet nurturing. I believe deeply that every body can do yoga and that the most powerful part of one’s practice is accepting and embracing the idea that each day our bodies and our minds are different.



Michelle Sherman, RYT 200

I realized yoga was more than just a physical practice after attending my first class. It is a practice of balancing the body, mind, and soul. The peaceful feeling I felt after class was something that could only be duplicated by more and more yoga. So I began to attend classes regularly, and I even got one of my friends to enjoy practicing as much as I did. The more we went the more my interest grew and my spiritual journey was just beginning.

I began my studies enrolled in two years of community college “yoga basics” course. From there, in 2012, I entered a yearlong 200 RYT certification course through the Lotus Yoga Centre in Barrington, IL. After creating a deeper awareness for the practice, and leading a more mindful life, I was ready to learn more.

 In 2015, my interests led me to become a certified Reiki practitioner. With that I learned more along the lines of chakras, and energy healing.

Overall, yoga helps me be a better me, and live a healthier, balanced life, and I just hope to share that in my teaching.



Kristi Schramski, RYT 200

When a friend asked me to check out yoga with her, I said, “sure, I’ve always wanted to try yoga!” My preconceived idea of what yoga was about was basically stretching. My previous exercise programs were mostly high impact aerobics and weight training. After my first class, I realized yoga was so much more than just stretching! I left that class and knew right away I found something I really enjoyed and could do forever. Yoga is a mind/body connection, and bringing balance to the mind and body is not only challenging but amazing!

There are days when my mind says, ‘”yes” but my body says, “no”. I have learned to listen to what my body is telling me and give it what it needs. Connecting the two brings balance as each day is not the same, so the body is therefore different in its abilities. Since practicing yoga, I feel stronger, calm, relaxed, and even taller with improved posture. I am a full time Dental Hygienist and posture is crucial to prevent aches and pain in my neck and back.

My 200 hour teacher training was done at Yoga Hohm where I took that first yoga class. I am excited to share what I have learned with family, friends, and even my dental patients! It’s easy for me say, “you need yoga!”


Nadine Bio Pic 2.jpg

Nadine Harris, RYT 200

My first exposure to yoga was watching Lilias Yoga and You on PBS in the 70’s. I’ve always been active and tended to push myself with aerobic exercises like running, step aerobics, jazzercise and spinning. But once I saw the slow methodical poses, and the calm, relaxing voice of the teacher I was hooked. Is was a simple, but not easy, practice that I could do at home when my kids were little or in a hotel room when I was traveling for work.

Once yoga became more mainstream I was excited when classes began popping up in the Lake Geneva area and I was able to maintain a regular practice (even if it was in some pretty unconventional spaces). I wanted to learn more about yoga and its philosophy so decided to enroll in Yoga Hohm’s 200 hour teacher training in 2017.

I love teaching beginner and gentle classes because sometimes it is a student’s first experience and I want to make sure it is a positive one like I had. Yoga is just as much mental as physical and I love when students leave the class saying “That’s just what I needed”.