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Class Descriptions

Yoga Hohm class descriptions and class levels


We currently have 17 classes on the schedule to choose from at Yoga Hohm, all with very specifically designated levels of intensity so you know what to expect.

Classes are listed in order from least to most physical work.

Our teachers adhere to a strict code of maintaining the level of intensity as clearly described here.

If you attend a Beginner class, the intensity of the class will remain Beginner.
If you attend an Advanced class, the intensity of the class will remain Advanced.
And so on.

We designed our schedule and levels so that you can choose the class that suits your individual needs.



Great for all students of any level, and especially beneficial for those who are healing from an injury and/or feeling overwhelmed. Included are guided breath control practices, fundamental poses that may include seated, standing and/or supine asanas. Many options for modifications will be explained as well as uses for props.


Yin Yoga is based on the Taoist concepts of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yin emphasizes holding yoga postures, or asanas, for longer periods of time, usually several minutes or more. This has a loosening effect on the deeper connective tissues- tendons, fascia, and ligaments that can aid in increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Some postures will be supported with props similar to Restorative Yoga. However, many poses will not be supported and will require some strength; one distinguishing feature of Yin Yoga that separates it from other styles of yoga in which poses are held for long periods of time.

Many poses in Yin yoga will resemble poses Hatha and Vinyasa students are already familiar with. However, in Yin, many poses will have different names so as to distinguish a difference in body alignment.

Students who will benefit from Yin are those with stiff joints, tight muscles, and/or aging bodies who are free of recent joint or soft tissue injuries. Yin is not recommended for those who are brand new to yoga asana (poses), who have recent joint or soft tissue injuries, or those with hypermobile joints.

Yoga fundamentals

Yoga Fundamentals is an hr long class 9-10 am where we will focus on pranayama (breath control), basic asanas (poses), correct positioning and modification, and how to flow from one pose to the next. Have you wanted to try yoga? Afraid you aren’t flexible enough? Have an injury and certain positions just don’t work for you? We take the time to explore all of these things and more. Learn the benefits of yoga, and how bring this practice into your daily life.

Level 1 - Beginner

Students who are new or fairly new to yoga will benefit from learning fundamental poses in sequences that move fluidly from one pose to another. Classes will begin with guided breath practice, then move on to basic warm up postures including sun salutations, paying special attention to learning the correct sequence and modifications when needed, while teaching the body to move with breath. Use of props will be explained and modifications for injuries and different body types will be demonstrated. Learn basic seated, standing and reclined postures and the correct way to align the muscles and joints in each pose. There will be some introduction to Sanskrit names of poses, and some introduction to yoga philosophy may be thrown in the mix from time to time.

Level 1-2 - Intermediate

A more challenging practice than level 1. Students will be encouraged to go beyond the basics and learn more advanced postures. Class will include more flow and Sanskrit names for poses will be used more often than in a level 1. Classes may include introductions to more challenging poses such as inversions, arm balances, advanced back bends, shoulder stands and deeper twists. Classes will move in the order of first breath control practice, followed by more rounds of sun salutation warm ups than level 1, basic and advanced standing poses designed to prepare the body for the class's peak pose, basic and advanced seated cool downs, most often a shoulder stand sequence and finally a long, relaxing savasana. Yoga philosophy mentioned in recent level 1 classes will be expounded on.

Level 2 - Advanced

A vigorous practice ideal for students who wish to deepen their practice. level 2 advanced classes offer a stronger challenge to students have developed an understanding of the basics. Sequences will link breath with movement in order to build up heat and strength, burning out physical and mental impurities, toning muscles and improving cardiovascular health. Students will have the opportunity to explore more challenging inversions, backbends, arm balances and poses that require greater flexibility.