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Meet Your Fellow Yogis

This section is dedicated to the inspirational students at Yoga Hohm. Click the pictures to read their stories

Mitch Godfrey

Meet Your Fellow Yogi: Mitch Godfrey


How long have you been practicing yoga?
About 1 year.

 How often do you practice currently?
At least once a week.

What was it that brought you to yoga for your first time?
I was looking to try something new, to socialize and get out of the house, and yoga seemed like something fun to try. 

Do you remember how you felt after your first class?
Surprisingly relaxed, yet full of energy.  I was amazed at how great it felt to be more connected to how my body was feeling. Although, I was sore the next day, but a good kind of sore.

Have you gone through periods without practicing? If so, what usually brings you back to it?
Unfortunately, yes.  My work schedule has sometimes kept me from going to class as consistently as I would like.  As a result, if I take a long break, I may feel as if I’m not capable of picking up where I left off; which makes me doubt my abilities.  However, when I finally convince myself to return, I always surprise myself. 

Has yoga changed your life? If so, how?
I have struggled with severe anxiety and depression for most of my life and I can say, without a doubt, that yoga has significantly helped with both; allowing me to relax and clear my mind as well as boost my mood and positivity. 

You have a job that requires a lot of multi-tasking and solving problems. Has yoga affected your job in any way?
Yes.  Yoga has taught me to be mindful of what my body is telling me, whether it’s my heart rate or breathing, or how my thoughts affect my attitude and behavior.  Simply being more aware of myself has allowed me to be more mellow yet focused especially in times of stress.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your experiences with yoga?
I would like to thank Renee and everyone else (at Yoga Hohm) for creating an inviting and supportive environment for yoga.  I was nervous during my first few classes, but you all have made me feel at home. Thank you