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Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

Every person of every age has a pelvic floor. This diamond-shaped set of muscles lies at the base of the torso and supports our internal organs. If these muscles are either too tight or too weak, we can experience problems with digestion, elimination, and/or sexual functioning.

This workshop will help you understand why pelvic floor health matters and how to maintain optimal pelvic floor health. Participants will engage in specific practices to access, tone and stretch their pelvic floor muscles. Reference materials for use after the workshop will be provided. This workshop is open to anyone age 16 and over; wear comfortable loose clothing and bring a yoga mat.

This workshop is suitable for men and women.

Cindy Conlon has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training (White Lotus in Santa Barbara, CA, and Yogaview in Chicago,IL)

and has studied with Leslie Howard, the author of Pelvic Liberation and a national expert in pelvic floor health. Leslie has developed Pelvic Floor Yoga, a program that aims to normalize the conversation around pelvic wellness.

This workshop will draw on Leslie’s insights as well as Cindy’s experience and knowledge, introducing the key yoga postures and breathing techniques that awaken and heal the muscles around the pelvis.

$30 by 4/17, $35 after